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Arab Health 2020- When Vathin meets the Coronavirus

The epidemic was not as severe as it is now before Jan 23. We have not yet had a detailed understanding of the severity of the epidemic although we have successively put on masks.

In recent years, medical devices have continued to grow, occupying an important part of the entire medical industry, and has become a force that cannot be ignored in the medical community. With the trend of economic globalization and the continuous development of the domestic medical industry, the volume of medical instrument companies has also increased sharply.


Arab Health has a long - standing reputation in hospitals and medical distributors in the Middle East. The exhibition area is 140,000 square meters, with up to 4,400+ exhibitors from 70 countries, and the number of visitors exceeds 100,000. Arab Health is an international professional medical equipment exhibition with the largest exhibition scale, complete exhibition categories and good exhibition results in the Middle East. Since it was first held in 1975, the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors have increased year by year. Exhibitors from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, and other countries participated in the exhibition. Hospital managers and medical equipment distributors visited the meeting and negotiated trade.


In order to expand the Middle East market, Vathin brought disposable bronchoscopes to the Arab Health2020. The exhibition started on December 27, 2019, and ended on the 30th, which coincided with the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China. The outbreak came quickly, and a large number of people infected by this coronavirus because the high rate of transmission. The government has taken a lot of movements for this, which includes encouraging and helping medical instrument companies to start producing products that are helpful to the epidemic. How can we control the epidemic without deep reflection? How can we prevent this from happening again in the future? How does the outbreak affect the domestic economy?


The epidemic was not as severe as it is now before Jan 23. We have not yet had a detailed understanding of the severity of the epidemic although we have successively put on masks. While during the exhibition, we found that all Chinese exhibitors wore masks, and even some distributors in the Middle East consciously put on masks when they exhibited. Only then did we realize that the impact of the epidemic has spread all over China and the world.


As a medical instrument company focusing on disposable endoscopes, Vathin felt the market demand for disposable medical devices at this moment. Why? Because the virus can be transmitted efficiently, traditional reusable medical devices cannot be used.


The development of the medical equipment industry is based on national health awareness, and there is still much room for improvement in such health awareness. Nowadays, people pay more attention to how to treat diseases rather than prevention, so the space for development is still very large. However, strengthening the national health consciousness does not happen overnight. It requires many companies and even the whole society to jointly manage it.


Preventing cross-infection is also one of the main reasons for Vathin to develop disposable bronchoscopes. With the continuous strengthening of national health awareness that the use of disposable bronchoscopes avoids the risk of bacterial infections with conventional endoscopes., the demand for disposable products is increasing. This time we learned about the severity of cross-contamination and the benefits of using a single-use bronchoscope.


Vathin believes that the epidemic is only temporary. Through effective measures taken by the government and the joint efforts of national medical device companies and the whole society, the epidemic will eventually pass. The occurrence of this epidemic has also made us realize the importance of medical innovation. Vathin will continue to work to help reduce the incidence of cross-infection and promote the development of global medical devices through the advent of disposable endoscopes.


Thanks to those who came to visit our booth at Arab health, see you next year.