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About Us


Hunan Vathin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Vathin specializes in the production,development and sales of single-use bronchoscopes. Core employees of Vathin have more than 20 years' experience in materials, optics, structure, electronics, software, manufacturing and other fields. In addition, our company dedicated on the guideline of “ Safe Simply Smart  and has carried forward of the corporate spirit of “ Humanism, innovation and preciseness”


What are the advantages of our single-use endoscope?

With the single-use endoscope, the efficiency of medical personnel will be improved. The main reason is that the single-use endoscope can be used after being disassembled and not requiring repeated cleaning like ordinary endoscope. Meanwhile, the most original samples from the patient's respiratory tract can be collected with the single-use endoscope if the patient is suspected to be infected with respiratory diseases. Above all, our single-use endoscope is sterile and can be discarded after the operation, thus substantially preventing cross infection of super drug-resistance bacteria.

Is the ordinary endoscope unclean? 

Generally, oridinary endoscopes can be used repeatedly. To ensure that the endoscope can be used for a new patient, the endoscope needs to be disinfected with a H2O2/ozone disinfector approved and verified by FDA before the application. However, the problem is that the disinfection and cleaning of endoscopes in many parts of the world are unsatisfactory. As indicated by the top ten medical technology hazards published by ECRI, the patient is exposed to the risk of infection due to the incomplete endoscope cleaning and disinfection, making it a great hidden danger to the patient's health. 

Additionally, the cleaning is highly required, and the education and training for relevant personnel are equally important. Before the high-level disinfection or sterilization, the cleaning personnel shall be guaranteed to be above the "clean level". Otherwise, the same high-level disinfection and sterilization cannot be realized.

What is our role? 

Firstly, our endoscope plays a significant role in preventing the cross infection among patients. secondly, the single-use endoscope do not need to be cleaned after the operation, greatly improving the service efficiency and accelerating the follow-up cleaning procedure. At the same time, our endoscope, with the high cost performance, needs not to be disinfected or sterilized before its operation, greatly reducing the overall cost. As a result, relevant chemical products for disinfection, equipment cost even the salaries of cleaning personnel will be reduced to a certain extent. Finally, since each single-use endoscope is brand new, there is no risk of reducing the patient safety index due to the repeated use and aging of the endoscope as the conventional endoscope. In summary, Huaxin aseptic endoscope is the first choice in terms of the patient service, clinical operation quality and budget. 

What are our advantages?

None of the disposable endoscopes available on the market meet the operation standard of conventional endoscopes. Common problems include: The poor image display results in the failure to complete the diagnosis of bronchial lesions; the front end of the endoscope breaks in the patient due to the unsatisfactory quality; the disposable endoscope can only be used in surgery but cannot be used for the preoperative and intraoperative diagnosis. However, the quality of our endoscope has been greatly improved. With the high-clearness images, the diagnosis of medical personnel is completed, and the risk of patients caused by quality problems is minimized with the help of the comprehensively upgraded material. Finally,our endoscope has a variety of technology and appearance patents. The disposable endoscope can be operated more conveniently and safely. The upgrade of our endoscope has made a significant contribution to the disposable endoscope industry, and promoted the wide acceptance of disposable endoscope in the market. Adhering to the guideline of keeping improving, we will constantly update the disposable endoscope, thus driving the development of the industry.