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Vathin Disposable Bronchoscope Helps Chinese Hospital Rescue Critically Ill Patients


On 28th July, a patient with lung tumor in a Chinese Hospital, Xiangtan Central Hospital, took a sudden turn for the worse, with sweating, cyanosis and other hypoxic manifestations, heart rate was once elevated, oxygen saturation was low and it was difficult to maintain respiration, the monitor related indicators kept flashing alarm "red light", medical staff immediately intubated his trachea and put him on the ventilator to assist breathing.

After consultation with experts from various departments, it was considered that the "double interventional treatment" plan of blocking the blood supply vessels of the tumor and then opening the airway under bronchoscopy should be carried out to avoid the risk of asphyxia caused by hemoptysis, and this plan was fully understood and agreed by the patient's family.

Mingyan Jiang, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Central Hospital, led the team and the "dual intervention team" of pulmonary vascular intervention and respiratory endoscopic intervention, and used the disposable electronic bronchoscope produced by Vathin Medical to quickly perform surgical resuscitation on the patient.

Finally, one hour later, the medical staff successfully embolized the blood vessel and continued the bronchoscopic intervention, the patient's right main airway was reopened, the severe respiratory distress was relieved, the oxygen saturation gradually increased, and the heart rate gradually returned to normal. Cheers rang out in the operating room, and although it was late at night, everyone's fatigue was swept away. The next day, patient Zhou was extubated and stopped using ventilator assistance, and his vital signs remained stable.

In this rescue, the medical staff first found the location of the blockage through the vathin disposable bronchoscope, and then used other instruments to unblock the location through the instrument channel of the bronchoscope.

Vathin disposable bronchoscope has extremely smooth front-end control of the mirror, no empty segment operation, stable torque, 210°bending up and down, and a bending radius only the size of a 50-cent coin of China (OD of the coin:20.5mm), giving full play to its advantages of flexible operation. And it has the world's most complete specification size instrument channel, applicable to a variety of sizes of medical devices.

In addition to the excellent medical skills of the doctors in the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Central Hospital, the Vathin disposable electronic bronchoscope also played a key role in this rescue.

Hunan Vathin Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of disposable endoscopes and specialty robots.

The founder, Dr. Zhenhua Zhou, is a postdoctoral fellow of Oxford University and has 16 years of experience in developing the world's most cutting-edge medical endoscope/medical robotics advanced technology.

At present, the company has more than 70 self-developed patents, including 7 invention patents, 54 utility model patents, 14 appearance patents and 2 overseas appearance patents.

The disposable bronchoscopes developed by Vathin have obtained NMPA in China, CE certification in EU, FDA in US and registration certificates in Japan, Korea and Brazil, etc. The products are sold worldwide.